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Ты слышишь, как он поет, и тебе не надо знать песню - это Даниель Лавуа.

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The Fabulous Song

Слова:  Michelle Campagne, Don Gillmor;
Музыка:  Michelle Campagne

This is my fabulous song… 

We begin with the banjo
 Plunking soft and steady
 Then the oboe comes in
 With a sweet simple melody
 The guitar strums in rhythm
 Is the harmony ready?
 Now trumpet, you blow
 Violin, strike the bow 

Oh, this is my fabulous song 

If you follow me, you won’t go wrong
 Bluejays and chickadees
 Flutter outside my window
 To and fro
 Like a violin bow 

Oh, this is my fabulous song

 Beautiful music awaits in my heart
 That’s where it starts
 And it flows out of my hands
 Into the magical world
 Of melody, harmony and rhythm
 And then I’ve written
 This fabulous song 

When you find something
 That touches your soul
 Makes you feel whole
 Then you discover that dreams
 They really do come true
 Your future is hopeful and bright
 And you can write
 Your own fabulous song 

If you dare to follow me
 Then my friend, just wait and see
 We will make sounds so pleasing
 Blow the reed, strike up the bow
 You will feel the music flow
 Just come this way and play
 My fabulous song