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Si moi j'ai le plus beau compliment à faire à un chanteur, c'est ça: il a sa signature. Tu l'entends chanter, t'as pas besoin de connaître la chanson, c'est Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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Never had the blues before

Lyrics and music: Daniel Lavoie

He had a heart of stone
Polished hard all alone
He had a heart of steel
Shining armour could not feel
He had a heart of sand
Waiting for the tide to turn
He had a heart of lead
So heavy you could see the strain
He never had the blues before

He had a heart of gold
Precious heart never sold
He had a heart of clay
Human heart day after day
He had a heart of glass
Fragile heart turned away
He was a bolted door
Till someone found the key