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Si moi j'ai le plus beau compliment à faire à un chanteur, c'est ça: il a sa signature. Tu l'entends chanter, t'as pas besoin de connaître la chanson, c'est Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier


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Soaring Bay

Musique: François Dompierre; 
Paroles: Daniel Lavoie

It's a strange look in your eyes tonight
 Such a faraway look
 In a distant kind of life
 Can't you get away look somewhere you want to.
 Goin' to cruise the galaxy heaven
 Got you eye on a distant life
 But on a distant life
 You gotta reason in youe eyes tonight
 Such a beautiful look
 In a truthful kind of life
 Oh soaring baby
 Morning lazy, as you roll up to the road
 Soaring baby, what's no worrying when you were right
 Then you're right
 Then you're far above the highway, rise and ride
 To a higher skyway, mmm
 And then you come in for a landing
 There's a warmth in your eyes tonight
 Such a long look
 A running kind of life, mmm