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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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• The victory in the competition of author-composers, organized by the SRC in the transfer of «Jeunesse Oblige»


• «Felix» in the category «Artist of the Year» (in Quebec)


• «Felix» in the category «Artist of the Year»


• The album «Tension Attention» gets 3 awards «Felix»:
• -nominated «Song of the Year» («Tension Attention»)
• -nominated «Artist of the Year»
• -nominated «Album of the Year» (2 million «Ils s'aiment» CD's sold in Europe)


• «Midem d'or» in Cannes for the song «Ils s'aiment»
• «Felix» in the nomination «Artist, distinguished in the Francophonie market outside Quebec»
• «Victoire» in the nomination «The best Francophone Album» for the album «Tension Attention»


• «Trophee Renonciat» (designated by the community of radio programs in french for the song «Ils s'aiment»
• «Felix» in the category «The most distinguished Artist outside Quebec»
• «Victoire» in the category «Album of the Year» for the best francophone album «Vue sur la mer»


• «Victoire» in the category «Album of the Year» for the best francophone album «Vue sur la mer»


• The Order of the «l'ordre de la Pleiade»


• «Felix» in the category «Album of the Year» in the genre «pop-rock» for the album «Long Courrier»


• The award SOCAN in the nomination of popular music for the sonf «Qui sait?»



• The Prize of the french song at the summer festival in Quebec


• Daniel Lavoie becomes the member of the Order «des francophones d'Amerique»


• «Felix» in the category «Album for children» for the album «La bebe dragon 1»


• The song «Belle», performed with the participation of Daniel Lavoie reaches 3 million copies sold in Europe
• The album «Notre-Dame de Paris» reaches 2,5 million copies in Europe, 500000 in Quebec, and in general 900000 were sold.


• «Victoire» in the nomination «The Performance of the Year» for the musical «Notre-Dame de Paris»
• «Victoire» in the category «Song of the Year» for the song «Belle»
• The song «Belle» was named the best in the category «Best hit over the past 50 years» (The program by Jean Pierre Fouceauet)
• The song «Belle» was presented an award «World Music Awards de Monaco»



• The musical «Notre-Dame de Paris» was presented an award «World music awards de      Monaco»
• The Prize SOCAN for the song «Des milliards de Choses» for Luce Default2004
• «Choc de la Musique» from «Le monde de la Musique» for the CD «Comedies Humaines»


• For the album «Un tresor dans mon Jardin»:
• The award «Coup de Couer Jeunesse» Charles Cros
• The Prize of the City Hall of Paris in the nomination «The best CD and cassettes for  children»
• Felix Award for «The best children's Album»


• The Order of Merit «du merite de l'ACR» (Association canadienne des radiodiffuseurs)
• The Order of Merit «du merite de l'ACR in the category of music stars (Le congres 2006  de l'ACR)


• At the summer festival in Quebec (July 9, 2009) the group «The lost fingers» received the  gold disc for their album «Rndez-vous rose», in which they also perform «Ils s'aiment»  with Danieel Lavoie.

• Prix SOCAN for Daniel Lavoie (composer), Louise Forestier (lyricist) and Eric Lapointe  (singer) in the category Popular song for the song «500 miles».


November, the 7th

• Prix ADISQ (les Victoires de la Musique en France) in Montreal.
 The album  «Douze Hommes Rapaillés», ( the 1 st album) got Felix for the «Best  Performance in 2010» (with participation of Daniel Lavoie).
 The first issue of L'Homme rapaillé saw light in 1970, thanks to the perseverance of  Professor of Monreal University (Georges-André Vachon). Eternally dissatisfied with his  work, Gaston Miron,the editor, refused to publish his poems for a very long time.

 December, the 9th

Popular French musical «Notre Dame de Paris»  artists were awarded the famous St.  George medal from ranking academy «Golden Fortune».
 These people were awarded St. George's medals «Honor. Glory. Labour»:
 Garou, Helene Segara, Bruno Pelletier, Luck Mervil, Daniel Lavoie, Julie Zenatti, Patrick  Fiori, Luc Plamondon - author, Riccardo Сoсciante - composer, Denny Bouchard - set  designer, Guy St-Onge - conductor. Popular French musical «Notre Dame de Paris» artists  were awarded the famous St. George medal.


October, the 30th

• Prix ADISQ.
 Another Félix was won in the «Modern Folk Album of the year» category for the album  «Douze hommes rapaillés». Only Marie-Mai and the album «Douze hommes rapaillés -  Volume 2» won more than one Felix. As for the «Douze hommes rapaillés», composer  Gilles Bélanger set the poetry of Gaston Miron to the music. Two men (the second  posthumously) received Félix in the «The best author and composer of the year» category.  The disc itself, which was contributed by 12 famous singers, was nominated in the  «Contemporary Folk Album of the Year» category.


October, the 28th

• Prix ADISQ.  Another «Félix» was won in the «Performance of the year»  category for the album «Douze hommes rapaillés - Volume 2».



Octobre, the 22th

• Prix ADISQ (l'Association québécoise de l'industrie du disque, du spectacle et de la  vidéo), 2014.
 La symphonie rapaillée (various artists, with Daniel Lavoie) received the Félix Award in the  «Album of the year - New Interpretation» category.


 Prix SOCAN  in the category «Classics» for the song La villa de Ferdinando Marcos sur la mer.