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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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About him in a few words

Bruno Pelletier - the golden voice of Quebec.


Wife - Melanie

Mother - Liet

Younger sister – Dominique

Son - Thierry.

He  has a black belt in karate (doing this sport from 12 to 25 years).

Besides karate, he is fond of hockey, basketball, swimming, kayaking and mountaineering.

Currently he is fascinated by yoga and cycling.

He hates useless chatter on the phone.

Phobia:  insects.

He hates injustice in all its manifestations, hypocrisy, intolerance.  People, who do not keep their word, make him very angry.

Sensitivity, sincerity and ability to listen to other people are his main qualities.

His philosophy: Be honest, have your own opinion and be able to listen to others.

He loves dogs, movies, travels, and motorcycles.

He loves to cook, but prefers vegetarian food.

Bruno admits that his great passion is wines. He even has his own wine cellar.

His favorite clothing style: jeans.

His favorite fragrance: «Vetiver» by Guerlain, «Cologne» by Thierry Muglere.

The best quality (according to Bruno): sincerity.

The biggest drawback (according to Bruno): «I am never satisfied with the results»

In November 1992, Bruno joined the company of the musical «La legende de Jimmy» («The Legend of Jimmy») by Luc Plamondon (Luc Plamondon) and Michel Berger (Michel Berger). Plamondon was impressed by Pelletier`s vocal and invited him to the troupe. Bruno got the main role - the role of teenager Jimmy. In 1993 Luc Plamondon listened to more than a hundred singers during the preparation of a new version «Starmania» and finally chose Bruno again Bruno played the role of Johnny Roquefort, ringleader of the «Black Stars» in France. It was assumed, that Bruno will stay in the company for about three months, but the singer performed this role with such a brilliance, that the contract was extended.
Bruno also made many appearances on television, performed the top ten songs at the «Gala de l'ADISQ» in 1995 and took part in a benefit concert in «Saguenay» in summer 1996. During this presentation, which was held at «Molson» center, Bruno caused a storm of applause for his performance of the song «Miserere», dedicated to Pavarotti. This song was already known in the performance by Andrea Bocelli.
In 1998 he received an offer from his longtime friend Luc Plamondon to participate in the new musical «Notre Dame de Paris». Initially, Bruno was forced to refuse, because it interfered with his tour. But after repeated requests of Plamondon Bruno flew to Paris, where he played the role of the poet Gringoire until January 30, 1999. As Bruno said, it was not so simple: in the Hugo`s novel Gringoire is not the main character, so he had to think about, how to embody this character on stage. As the result, Bruno moved that role in a new plane, made Gringoire «someone between Jim Morrison and Baudelaire».
The premiere of the musical «Dracula - Entre l'amour et la mort» («Dracula - Between Love and Death») took place in January 31, 2006 in the theatre «Saint-Denis». The working process on this project, in which Bruno participated not only as the leading man, but as a producer and also artistic director, took about 2 years. Performances successfully were held in Montreal, Quebec and other cities.
In January 2008, the troupe of «Dracula» went to Lyon (France) to present 10 performances in the theater «Maison de la Danse». The play gathered fans from more than 20 european countries and all over the world and received positive reviews from critics. The Canadian version of the play was filmed in the autumn 2006. The DVD appeared in 2008.


In autumn 2008 Bruno released a new album «Microphonium» in collaboration with such authors as Mark Dupre, Catherine Major, Frederick Baron, Serge Lama, Daniel Lavoie. The singer wants to go back to his roots, to the music, which made him famous in many countries. But the new album is not just a bridge to the past. «It's like a photo album of my life», - Bruno said, implying that new songs reveal the inner world of the artist and also the man – Bruno Pelletier. Bruno receives the «Felix» award «The Artist of the Year» in November 13, 2008 with sales of more than 2 million disks in francophone countries.

Daniel and Bruno have a very long-standing creative relationships. Daniel writes songs for Bruno, performs with him at concerts and, of course, their joint performance in «Notre Dame de Paris» befriended them even more. There are several songs by Daniel in Bruno`s albums «D’autre rives»: Reste et restera
(R. Tabra / D. Lavoie), Le bon gars et le salaud ( B. Pelletier / D. Lavoie);

«Un mond à l’envers»: Je crois pourtant
(P. Guirao / D. Lavoie), Ma jalousie (B. Pelletier / D. Lavoie), Madeleine
(Ch. Lidon, M. Derry / D. Lavoie);

«Microphonium»: Reste et restera (R. Tabra / D. Lavoie), Le bon gars et le salaud (B. Pelletier / D. Lavoie).

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