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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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Daniel: Manitoba is a province in the very heart of Canada: that is three thousand kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean and three thousand kilometers from the Pacific Ocean. It is a centre, a place of vast plains and a country where the scenery is in the sky, but not on the land. That is why we used to look only up in the sky. I was born there, in that place. I grew up in a happy family, I mean, none of us knew about quarrels and other things like that. We just lived in a very small village with a population of two hundred of people. My father owned a general store, so we sell many things, for example, eggs, milk, dishes, boots, shoes, wood. I attended a small school there, and, generally, I was always surrounded by my cousins, aunts; my grandmother and grandfather also lived there in the village. So, I had a blissful childhood, because there were people by my side who really loved me and helped me to feel that I’m welcome in the world. And, you know, I felt that for about fifteen years, until I left the village and became a boarding student in the college. There I suddenly realized that life couldn’t always be so easy and pleasant, as it seemed to me before.

I came to know art thanks to my mother and my family in general. They are really keen on music; they are in love with great music. My grandfather wasn’t rich; he was just a simple farmer. But it was he who managed to get audiocassettes with music (there weren’t any music CDs at that time). And I know that my mother listened to these recordings, listened to the most well-known operas. In fact, she got me used to listen to operas since I was three. So, I listened to the operas by Bizet and, again, all in all, I met this side of life thanks to my mother and to the whole my family. They were not so interested in literature or painting, for example. But music was the only thing that really exited them, and exited me almost from the very beginning of my life.

Denis Lavoie, Daniel’s brother: Daniel grew up in the village. Well, we all grew up there! And life there was like a one great adventure for us. We travelled a lot with my parents by car, so Daniel really liked the village and plains.

Therese Lavoie, Daniel’s mother: He liked spending most of his time on the farm, with my parents. There he could run away into the fields, but we never were in trouble about that; we always knew where he was.

Denis Lavoie: Well, he was a smart older brother, I guess; he was quit and he never got into fights, as far as I remember. It seems to me, that he was the smartest in the family.

Gilles Boulet, Daniel’s childhood friend: He was quite a big and, by the way, strong fellow. He always played wisely and always definitely knew what to do.
Now, it is long since then. Daniel is married; he is a father of three children (they are 2 sons Mathieu and Joseph and one daughter Gabrielle) and, yet he is a three grandfather. The family lives on the farm 50 kilometers away from Montreal.

Joseph, the youngest son, also helped his father with albums for children «Le bébé dragon 1» and «Le bébé dragon 2».
He played young Felix in the first series of «Fеlix Leclerc».

During the hard times, his wife, Louise Dubuc, decided to give up her career in journalism and give her mind wholly to Daniel’s career. She is an irreplaceable editor of his works, and, besides, she is a co-author of a number of Daniel’s songs. Moreover she has written several wonderful books.

Once during an interview Daniel was asked what he liked about Louise:
- I like many things about her….But mostly, of course, I admire her sincerity. And the way she lives, the way she takes the life. She never complains about problems. And also she is a very tempered person. I love her very much. I respect her and I’m really delighted with her.



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