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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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1998-2000 Notre Dame de Paris: Frollo

Interlinear text for the musical



Music: Richard Cocciante
Libretto: Luc Plamondon
Director: Gilles Maheu
Choreographer: Martino Muller
Design: Christian Ratz
Costumes: Fred Sathal
Lighting: Alain Lortie


Gringoire: Bruno Pelletier
Frollo: Daniel Lavoie
Quasimodo: Pierre Garan/Garou
Fleur de Lys: Julie Zenatti
Clopin: Luck Mervil
Phoebus: Patrick Fiori
Esmeralda: Helene Segara

«Notre Dame de Paris» is a French-Canadian musical based on the novel by Victor Hugo's «Hunchback of Notre Dame». The composer - Richard Cocciante, author of the libretto - Luc Plamondon. The musical debuted in Paris on September 16, 1998. Musical hit the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful project of the year.
Six months before the Paris premiere was released on the CD, which included recordings of its top 16 songs. All songs were performed by original artists of the musical, except parts of Esmeralda: in the studio album all songs were performed by Noah, and in the musical - by Helene Segara.
The song «Belle» has been leading the French charts for 33 weeks, and was also recognized as the best song of the 50th anniversary. During three years (1998-1999-2000) Daniel Lavoie was playing the role of Frollo in France and England in the musical «Notre Dame de Paris».
Frollo, the archdeacon of Notre Dame, is secretly in love with Esmeralda, a young gypsy girl. He finally acknowledged her in his passion. Frollo sheltered Quasimodo, taught him and made the bell ringer of Notre Dame. Frollo is obsessed with his passion. He hurts Phoebe with the dagger, accusses Esmeralda in it and sentences her to the gallows, because she refuses him. Frollo dies, thrown by Quasimodo from one of the towers of Notre Dame Cathedral.
Daniel played the role of Frollo on stage in Paris, London and on tour (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada) more than 500 times.

Daniel: For me, the success of «Notre-Dame de Paris» was something like a vacation, it was, I always say, fun cruise for me. A very difficult period of my life has just ended, everything was rebuilt, and it was good.

Bruno Pelletier: Daniel in the role of Frollo ... he played it, deeply self-absorbed. Daniel is one of those people who are very focused on what they are doing. For me, it's something ... quality, which I greatly admire. His professionalism was evident, moreover, his maturity as an artist.:

Luc Plamondon: Basically, when you recruit middle-aged actors in a musical, it is always a great concern. Even if they possess a great professionalism. Being with the young and energetic artists such as Garou, Patrick Fiori, Bruno Pelletier… I know what Daniel was saying to himself: «If I be able to work with them as equals?» This was a huge challenge.
He was applauded as well as young artists and sometimes even more. I think it calmed him a lot. We always had an impression that it all came from the very recesses of his soul when he sang. It was great. We could never have a better Frollo than Daniel Lavoie. It is impossible.

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In December 2010 Kiev, Moscow and St. Petersburg hosted the live version of «Notre Dame de Paris» with its golden cast: Daniel Lavoie, Garou, Bruno Pelletier, Patrick Fiori, Helene Segara, Julie Zenatti.

In December 2011 these concerts were held in Kiev and in Paris Bercy.

Notre Dame de Paris Le Concert