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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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Kenny/The kid brother

Year: 1988
Claude Gagnon
Produced By:
Bandai Entertainment Inc., Gagnon Productions, Kinema Amerika
Claude Gagnon
95 minutes
Vanguard Cinema
Japan USA Canada
Filming Locations:
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Video: Kenny / The kid brother

Kenny Easterday, Caitlin Clarke and Liane Curtis

Kenny Easterday -
Caitlin Clarke -
Liane Curtis -
Sharon Kay 
Zach Grenier -
Jesse Easterday Jr. -
Tom Reddy -
Alain Saint-Alix -
French TV Director 
Daniel Lambert -
French Technician 
Lamya Derval -
Script Girl 
Eduardo Rossoff-
French Cameraman 
John Carpenter -
Gerry Klug -
Bingo O'Malley -
Mr. Nitan 
Bill Dalzell -
Dr. Harper 

Plot summary:
The disruptions caused in the life of 13 year old Kenny born with underdeveloped legs, removed to replace other missing bones at 6 months old when a French film company comes to do a film about his life and family.
Kenny is a bright, outgoing 13 year-old kid deeply loved by his family. He likes sports, girls, TV and his skateboard. Kenny's a normal kid in every way except for his appearance, which shocks and unsettles strangers. It's not a big deal for him but some people wish to change his appearance to allay their own insecurities. Armed with courage, love and humor, Kenny is determined to leave no question unanswered, to understand and to be understood..

The film won the following awards:
- The U.S. Grand Prix at the Monreal Film Festival.
- Special Jury Prize at the Film Festival for the Youth.
-UNESCO Prize, UNICEF special mention at the Berlin Fil Festival.

Video: Daniel Lavoie - Soaring baby from Kenny OST

Soaring Baby

Musique: François Dompierre  
Paroles: Daniel Lavoie

It's a strange look in your eyes tonight
Such a faraway look
In a distant kind of life
Can't you get away look somewhere you want to.
Goin' to cruise the galaxy heaven
Got you eye on a distant life
But on a distant life
You gotta reason in youe eyes tonight
Such a beautiful look
In a truthful kind of life
Oh soaring baby
Morning lazy, as you roll up to the road
Soaring baby, what's no worrying when you were right
Then you're right
Then you're far above the highway, rise and ride
To a higher skyway, mmm
And then you come in for a landing
There's a warmth in your eyes tonight
Such a long look
A running kind of life, mmm