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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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Release date: 1997
Release Date:
20 September 1998 (France) 
Filming Locations:
Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
Genre: Drama

Director: Pierre Houle
Script: Luck Dayoun
Producers: Froncois Champagn, Frensin Forrest, Garchin Hardy
Camera: Louis de Ernsted
Composer: Michel Cusson

Michele Cote
Luck Picar
Sophi Laurein
Michele Dumon
Brigitt Pakett
David La Ey
Claude Branchar
Mark Messier
Claude Mico
Ron Lia
Bruno Pelletier

«Omerta» is a TV series about cops, double agents, investigators and criminals, daily working face to face. Victim in the prisoners car, leader of the criminal gang, organized the National Security, begins the operation, aimed to eliminate the Godfather, Giuseppe Scarfo.
The end justifies the measures: electronic listening, informers, even if it does not always correspond to police ethics.
The song «J’aurais ta peau» is created by lyrics of Daniel Lavoie and music of Michel Kyussona. It is sung by  Bruno Pelletier. «Omerta» has a great success in french-speaking part of Canada; it was showed by Russian television channel TNT few years ago.
Unfortunately, the recording hadn`t been done, and so far the only available version for Russian audience is the original 4 DVD edition in French without subtitles, being sold on «Amazon» and «Archambault».

Video: Bruno Pelletier - J'aurai ta peau (Omerta II)

J'aurai ta peau

Lyrics: Daniel Lavoie;  Music: Michel Cusson

J'aurai ta peau
J'aurai ta peau
Pour l'aimer autant qu'il le faut 

 T'es la assise au bout du bar
 Les larmes qui mouillent tes yeux trottoirs
 Dans ta poitrine ca hurle a mort
 La fin du monde dans un tiroir

 La vie t'a marche sur le corps
 Pareil comme moi mais j'suis fait fort
 Entre fuckes on se doit bien ca
 Un peu d'amour un peu d'amour
 Le peu qu'on a 

 Je t'arracherai ta peau de dure
 J'y trouverai un coeur si pur
 Qu'il saura me montrer
 Qu'il peut encore aimer 

 J'aurai ta peau j'aurai ta peau
 Pour l'aimer autant qu'il le faut 

 J'aurai ta peau j'aurai ta peau
 Pour l'aimer autant qu'il le faut