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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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Ludovic, the Plot


Country: Canada

Language: French

Directors: Co Hoedeman

Music: Daniel Lavoie

«Ludovic: une poupée dans la neige» (1998)

«Ludovic: the doll in the snow»

It is snowing. A cold wind blows on the hut, where the family of teddy bears lives. One little bear cub Ludovic wants to go ride in the street with friends. Alas, he is still too small. Ludovic feels a little bit lonely. But he dreams of imaginary games with his wonderful new friend - the revived doll. On the music of Daniel Lavoie the director Co Hoedeman invites us to discover the mysterious and magical world of childhood through the story, full of charm and tenderness of relashionships linking children and their favorite toys.

Video: «Une poupée dans la neige»

«Ludovic: un crocodile dans mon jardin» (2000)

«Ludovic: the crocodile in my garden»

It is spring. Sitting in the garden, Ludovic reigns over the whole menagerie of paper animals. This is a game in the jungle. In this improvised Africa Ludovic is playing until that moment, when animals take the posession of the gift, brought by his mother. When they cease to obey him, Ludovic refuses to play anymore. He slams the door and gets upset. But children`s quarrels never last too long. Reconciliation is quite close, especially when all gather around the food, which he shares. «Ludovic: the crocodile in my garden» is the second film in a series «The four seasons in the life of Ludovic».

Video:«Un crocodile dans mon jardin»

«Ludovic: des vacances chez Grand papa» (2001)

«Ludovic: holidays with the grandfather»

It is summer. Ludovic is invited to spend several days with his grandfather, but he sadly remembers, that the grandmother is no longer there. The grandfather must be very dissapointed, because he kepts all grandmother`s things in her boudoir. This part, filled with memories, attracts little bear, who, after some thoughts, decides to penetrate there. There is a portrait of his grandmother and Ludovic embraces it. Visits to boudoir repeat and, little by little, the portrait is coming alive. Ludovic can emrace it and kiss, cuddle up to it and feel the soft warm hands around his little body, put his favorite music on and feel his grandmother`s delicate hand in the last waltz. «Ludovic: holidays with the grandfather» directed by Co Hoedeman is an addictive story, where emotions are emphasized very expressively by the music of Daniel Lavoie. The greatest moments of closeness and harmony between the grandfather and his little grandson soften the grief of their loss.

Video: «Des vacances chez grand - papa»

«Ludovic: un vent de magie» (2002)

«Ludovic: the magic wind»

It is autumn in all its glory. Little Ludovic fun himself in the park. To his great joy, another bear comes up to him. Ludovic is very happy: «He wants to play with me!» - he thinks. He is coming, but this strange bear beats him and runs away. But it`s not the end to Ludovic`s troubles, cause he becomes a victim of the villain for the second time until one cute teddy bear comes to save him. A simple gesture that, at this time, turns the world of our little teddy bear into the magic wind.

Video: «Un vent de magie»