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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

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Album «Le bébé dragon» /«Baby Dragon»


Daniel Lavoie released his first album for children.
For the text of this album, he picked up not quite such common words as «lime color», «rennet» (sort of apples), «doxology», «glutton» and instruments as banjo and bass, which creates not a typical children's music. «In short, it is not like this, because what the crumbs are if swallow all of this.» We gave them the music they love and the words in which they communicate,»- summed up Daniel Lavoie, who participated in writing of 14 songs for «Baby Dragon» along with his wife Louise Dubuc and Mario Proulx. In fact, when Daniel finished the album, where Mario Proulx and Louise Dubuc participated in the text writing, there were 25 songs: «Ever since I started these shoots, the ideas grew. I think it will be a trilogy.»
He understands children. He has 3. The oldest one has grown, the youngest girl is a teenager and the little one – Joseph is a boy 7 years old. So it`s 25 years now he has been listening to the children music. And if he wants to "put his seed into the ground" in this area, it is not to teach and to criticize those who had done it before. «I just wanted to come up with some other, but not too different things,» - he explains. Without Joseph «Baby Dragon» would never have been created, Daniel Lavoie doesn`t hesitate. «I started writing when I began to talk with a little kid,» - the singer says. We quickly forget everything. But with Joseph, I involuntarily trapped in this world of childhood. «His little darling was firstly introduced to the public.» He corrected me the phrases which I could not understand,» - Daniel says.
In the sounds of contrabass (Sylvain Gagnon), piano (Daniel Lavoie), guitar (Marc Vallée) and banjo (Jean-Guy Grenier) you can hear the thunder of exploding popcorn, chirping birds, meowing, howling and the sounds that small pets emit. There are humorous songs as well as lullabies. There are questions concerning the tornado, the spaceship, the fear of wolves, the moon and the compelling little dinosaur. «I want to talk about my mother, not the father or the brother, I want to talk about my mother» – tells a future astronaut. «How shall I do it when I grow big, to sleep apart from our parents?» - the little howcast asks.
Daniel Lavoie refused a number of concerts in this fall. «I don`t say «no» to concerts for children – he says, but now I'm not ready yet. If one day I'll do it, it will be with two or three musicians, as when writing the disc.»