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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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Album «Le bébé dragon 2»/«Baby Dragon 2»


«Baby Dragon 1» and «Baby Dragon 2»- are 2 albums for children by Daniel Lavoie.
When Daniel suggested us his first CD for children, he didn`t discuss the problems. The success of the 1st album, «Baby Dragon», opened the door for the 2d. «The most beautiful thing is that I don`t have to expect how it goes on the «adult market». This time I picked up several kinds of musical construction, a number of different genres. It is a very simple existence, and I decided to do it. I have more musicians and instruments, whether it be kontrasbass, drums, violin, keyboards, bass guitars, and even a banjo. It is extremely amazing.
It is a very simple existence, but emotionally it is more harmonious, more warm."
Daniel's favorite themes are with the one hand - the nature and on the other - the adventures. In fact, almost every song tells a story that reflects what the child can survive from 2 to 6 years with a good share of the extravagant, subtle humor: "It is true that there is always a bit of a ground, but I also tell about the city. I wrote a song about trucks, about a neighbor ... "
To return to «Baby Dragon - 2» Daniel`s team offered to him the children album with the games, surprises, balls; in the clown makeup: «For the first album, I wanted it to go quietly. I did it because I was fascinated by it, without any pretensions. I did a promo for this, of course, but I don`t find it appropriate to do too noisy advertising. I was very happy to have such a success. Who wouldn`t have wanted? This is precisely what opens up the prospects. With the second disc it's funny to do the issue with the children: now they know «Baby Dragon.»
In fact, if adults sought Daniel`s autographs and loved chatting with him, the children greeted Daniel politely, because he was the one who sings before you gathering around «Baby Dragon».
As for the performance, it is a logical consequence, that Daniel will not be on stage: «I won`t be there, but it doesn`t matter. «Baby Dragon» is the celebrity, not me. Why you need the performance? It`s necessary to have enough songs which kids are really acquainted with. For the show concept there will be performers, who`ll play the characters in a very vivid and bright manner, and all of this will be accompanied with my songs. It will be fun. In any case, it`s very difficult for the singer. You must be in a state of mind, that is almost back to its original level. To write is easier, but to fit the children's performance, it requires absolute spirit freedom.»