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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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Album «Moi, mon Félix»

dan-020Daniel played the main role in the TV series about Felix Leclerc`s life. Leclerc`s music accompanies the whole film. He performed all Felix`s songs.
Daniel: I met with Gaetan, Felix wife, and she told me, that I was 22-23 years old, when she and Felix saw me on the TV for the first time. I`ve just arrived from Manitoba. She asked her husband: «Tell me, did you have any girlfriends in Manitoba?»
In 2005 Daniel released the album «Moi mon Felix».
GSI Musique: We had to choose the name for the album. There were many recording and the selection seemed to be very difficult. Daniel carefully selected each note, which suggested the name «Moi, mon Félix». The album's title is likely to reveal the connection, which Daniel kept with this man. «Moi, mon Félix» is one of Daniel Lavoie`s best achievements.