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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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The 21st century

 • 2000
Millenium сoncert.

 June 29 - Spectacle d'ouverture des Jeux de la Francophonie à Ottawa - Astrolabe d'Ottawa (the concert-opening of the Francophonian Games in Ottawa).

Participation in the solo concert by Garou – «Live A Bercy». Daniel, Garou and Patrick Fiori performed the song «Belle»from the musical «Notre Dame de Paris».

2002 - 2003
Le Petit Prince /The Little Prince

 The 25th Gala concert l'ADISQ in Monreal. On this occasion quebec artists performed songs in Quebec, including «Ils s'aiment». Daniel took part in that evening, broadcasted on TV (the program Radio-Canada) with the song passage «Je t'oublierai, je t'oublierai» by Isabelle Boulay.

• 2004 – 2005
«Comédies humaines» (Tournée).
 Mis en scène par Néry ( performances design and directing by Néry).

For many years Daniel and Neary have been working together on the stage performances. The constant component of this work is the search for simplicity and harmony on stage. The audience incredibly loves the final result! Saint-Germain, Paris.
 Daniel Lavoie: Keyboards and vocals. 

Francis: Guitar, drums and accordion.
 A few words regarding my work with Daniel Lavoie: «I will work with Daniel Lavoie! I`d rather like to say: «I'm going to invent, play, dream and modeled with Daniel Lavoie, I can see the play, which opens a whole bunch of doors.»

• 2004

June 9 - 10 - Festival Pully in Switzerland, «Pully à l'heure du Québec».
July 4 - As part of the Summer Festival in Quebec there was a concert dedicated to Daniel - «Jours de Plaines - Salut à Daniel Lavoie», where various artists performed his songs.

This stage show was the only case of its kind during the Summer Festival in Quebec in July 2004. It was a special program of the extraordinary skill singer-composer Daniel Lavoie. The following artists performed with Daniel Lavoie - Bruno Pelletier, Luck Mervill, Luce Dufault, Jorane, Yann Perreau, Marie-Jo Thério and Boum Desjardins.

June 23 – July 3 - Daniel took the patronage over the 22d Songs Festival release in Petite-Vallée (Quebec). This festival is a French-speaking song competition, which opens the new talents between singers, composers and lyricists.

30 juil - July 30 - Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Francophonian Festival. The concert-opening of the Francophonian Festival.
 The concert - overture.
 This unique evening with Daniel Lavoie will be the contact point between Quebec and Europe. The real meeting bringing together great francophonian artists from the completely different but complementary musical horizonz. The performance - event.
 With the participation of: Daniel Lavoie, Corneille, Natasha St-Pier, Daniel Boucher, Ariane Moffatt, Nana Mouskouri, Rachid Taha, Stefie Shock, Thomas Fersen, Diam's, Nolwenn Leroy.

September 14 - Club Soda. The Benefit Evening «Non à la peine de mort».
 This event gathered a galaxy of artists: Richard Desjardins, Luck Merville, who sang in Creole, a lot of great pianists: Pierre Flinn, Richard Desjardins, Daniel Lavoie, Lorraine Desmarais.

November 4 - Vieux Clocher de Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke old bell tower).

November 17 - 20 - Théâtre Corona. Daniel suggested a few dates in the Théâtre Corona, his performances captivated audiences and critics on both sides of the Atlantic. Listening to the new album by Daniel Lavoie - «Comédies humaines» we should note a parallel with the CD devoted to Léo Ferré and also with the texts by such poets as Rimbaud, Baudelaire and Aragon: the same depth of the words of the same dignity of the performances, the same extent in the arrangements.

November 25 - 27 - Théâtre Capitole.
December 3 - 4 - Théâtre Corona.

• 2005
February 12 - Polyvalente Benoît-Vachon.

 March 5 - Salle Odyssée.

 March 11 - Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne.

June 30 - «30 years on franco-ontarien radio».

June 25 – July 2 - Song Festival in Petite-Vallée.
 Sunday, May 14
 The program with Francois Dompierre Broadcasted by EPACE MUSIQUE:
 Montreal, May 14, in the program by Francois Dompierre (Espace musique -100,7 FM in Montreal), gives his audience a great performance by Daniel Lavoie and «Les Violons du Roy». This concert was recorded for a gala benefit performance in the Capitole de Quebec.
 The fans and music lovers can appreciate the singer Daniel Lavoie, accompanied by «Violons du Roy» in the second part of the program. He will perform the most beautiful songs with the arrangement and management by Francois Dompierre. A wonderful way to rediscover «J'ai quitte mon ile», «Je voudrais voir New York», «Ils s'aiment» and other favorite songs.
 June 25 – July 2 - Song Festival in Petite-Vallée.

2007 - 2010 Doctor Tendresse. Tour.
 February 17 - 18– Longueuil. 2 performances in honor to Sylvain Lelièvre.
 Sylvain Lelièvre wrote numerous songs for Daniel, especially for the albums «Vue sur la mer» (1986) and «Où la route mène» (1998).

June 25 – July 3 – Song Festival in Petite-Vallée.

August 2- Théâtre Maisonneuve. The performance «Judi Richards Judi on 7th Heaven»
Along with Yvon Deschamps, Daniel Lavoie, Toulouse, Nanette Workman, Andrea Lindsay
 This summer, in company with her husband Yvon Deschamps and lots of friends such as Daniel Lavoie, Toulouse, Nanette Workman and Andrea Lindsay, Judi Richards will take us to the 7th heaven.

March 4- Culture Department Festival - «Spring Song».«Spring Song» is a very special festival, extending in time and geographic area. It`s necessary to draw up a program for the «well-known» artists in the halls, «specially made for concert receptions» in western France cities, which is sometimes less than 1,000 inhabitants. With the participation of: Jean-Louis Aubert, les Ogres de Barback, Charlélie Couture, Daniel Lavoie.

March 12 - Le Bataclan. The concert, devoted to Alain Leprest (Paris) .

24 august - Paris - Quebec sous les Etoiles.

 The concert.
 The artists from France and Quebec celebrated the 400-anniversary of Quebec City foundation.
 100,000 people was watching the performance on the Abraham square. Participants: Daniel Lavoie, Isabelle Boulay, Lynda Lemay, Céline Dion, Patrick Bruel, Michel Fugain, Robert Charlebois, Ariane Moffatt, Julien Doré, Luc Plamondon, Patrick Fiori,  Diane Dufresne, Yves Lambert, Maurane, Hugues Aufray, André-Philippe Gagnon, Adamo, Roch Voisine, Zachary Richard , Garou.

June 14 - Scène Desjardins, Tadoussac (Quebec). The Song Festival presents Diane Dufresne, Plume Latraverse and Daniel Lavoie on the 25th anniversary of its existence.

July 27 - Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier. The Carte blanche by Michel Fugain, with the participation of Daniel Lavoie, Véronique Sanson, Bruno Pelletier, and other friends.

August 3 - L’Espace Ford Diane Dufresne. Earth, the blue planet. (Terre planète bleue) The grand spectacle by Diane Dufresne - the real hymn for the Planet Earth. With the assistance of Richard Séguin, Daniel Lavoie, Michel Pagliaro and Richard Desjardins.

August 17-23 – Mega performance «Chorus and Lavoie» within the International Song week. During its 6th Festival the International Song Week invited Daniel Lavoie and chorus of 350 singers to the mega spectacle 'Chorus and Lavoie. Daniel supported the tradition brought by Jean-Pierre Ferland in 2003. It was continued by Jean Ferrat, Gilles Vigneault, Paul Piché et Claude Dubois. Des nouvelles de la Semaine Internationale de la Chanson Des nouvelles de la Semaine Internationale de la Chanson.

September 6 - Salle Yvon-Guimond. «OÙ LA ROUTE MÈNE» presentation. In a series of its 25th anniversary celebrations GSI Musique released «Où la route mène» - a luxury top box - the souvenir, which brought together 31 songs, selected by the poet in the period between 1975 and 1997. It also includes music videos and some short stories.
 September 13 d'Art de Richmond.
 September 14 - Salle Pauline-Julien.
 September 20 - Centre culturel de Beloeil.

September 27 - Théâtre du Palais municipal. The performance «Le choeur et Lavoie».

The singer Daniel Lavoie puts a new experience – the singing with 250 choristers, as it had already been done by Claude Dubois, Paul Piché, Gilles Vigneault and Jean-Pierre Ferland. In «Chorus and Lavoie» performance we`ll hear the most beautiful songs by Lavoie.
November 1 - Théâtre Belcourt.
November 9 - Palace de Granby (Le).
November 5 – Radiobroadcasting on Wednesdays
France Beaudoin invites the most famous stars to perform on the TV program, dedicated to different styles music, the recording has been done live with the audience in Studio 42 Radio-Canada in Montreal. Each week four artists were invited.
This week in the program: Nicola Ciccone, Daniel Lavoie, Misteur Valaire, Marie-Chantal Toupin and Samian.

Daniel Lavoie:
«Ils s'aiment» (D. Lavoie, / D. Lavoie)
«La danse du smatte» (D. Lavoie / D. Lavoie)
«J'ai quitte mon ile» (D. Lavoie, C. Roux / D. Lavoie)
«Je voudrais voir New York» (D. Lavoie, S. Lelievre, T. Sechan / D. Lavoie)
«Je pensais pas» (L. Dubuc, D. Lavoie / L. Dubuc, D. Lavoie)
«Belle» (L. Plamondon / R. Cocciante)
«Tension attention» (D. Lavoie, D. DeShaime / D. Lavoie)

April 4 - St Genevieve des Bois (France).
Pérouges Festival. April 8 - Château de Luponnas.
April 9 - Aéroclub de Pérouges.
April 10 - Casino le Lyon vert de Charbonnière (Lyon, France).

April 24 - «Quand le country dit bonjour...» Salle André-Mathieu Laval (Quebec).

The participants of the show: Les Respectacles, Antoine Gratton, Boom Desjardins, Marie-Denise Pelletier, Cindy Daniel, Paul Daraîche и Daniel Lavoie.

April 28 - Théâtre Mirella et Lino Saputo, Leonardo da Vinci Center (Saint-Léonard).
May 3 - Salle Polyvalente Laval (France).
 The concert dedicated to 25th anniversary of Laval (France) and Laval (Quibec) alliance. «Coup d’ Chœur» sings «Ils s’aimentalong with Daniel.

May 5 - Salle l'Étoile du Quartier Dix30 de Brossard.
 - Cabaret du Lion d'or Montréal.
June 9 – the recording on Radio Canada CBCR2.

June 19-26 – the 19th Summer Festival in SрawinIgan.

Rivar Michelle, Paul Pichet and Daniel Lavoie gathered on one stage during the 19th Summer Festival in Shawinigan.
 Lavoie has the most clearly defined position:

«Very often in such shows as this the singer is being correlated with his hits. The audiences come just for fun, not for intellectual adventure. The selected songs are part of the «collective unconscious». It is those, which arrangements are most successful. Their approach is very subtle because they are present in the mind for years

Daniel, who has already sung with the chorus of several hundred people, says: «It's a little bit strange, you have the impression that one audience is in front of you and the other - behind.»

June 21 – July 12 - Le Mondial Choral Loto-Québec.
June 29 – Jazz Festival «Launch of Nos stars célèbrent le jazz» in Monreal. June 29, 5 p.m., in the Pavillon SIMM-GM. June 29, 5 p.m., in the Pavillon SIMM-GM.

July 17 - Francofolies de Spa en Belgique. (Francofolies in Belgium).

August 4 - L'Astral (Maison du Festival Rio Tinto Alcan) The performance - «Daniel Lavoie solo».
 When you are listening to «Où la route mène» – a double compilation (koffret) by Daniel Lavoie, the response is absolutely obvious: «What hits!» And while re-discovering him on stage, and especially «solo», as in this performance, it is also a big surprise, a perfect shock: Daniel Lavoie is one of our greatest voices for a very long time, an extraordinary melodist. It is obvious ... and a great show indeed!

August 8 - Théâtre Maisonneuve – «12 hommes rapaillés». The performance will be broadcasted on 'Espace Musique in August 21st at 20 pm.
 Yann Perreau, Martin Léon, Jim Corcoran, Michel Rivard, Pierre Flynn, Vincent Vallières, Daniel Lavoie, Richard Séguin, and Gilles Bélanger sing songs by Gaston Miron.
 Enchanting melodies by Gilles Bélanger, perfectly performed by Louis-Jean Cormier and 12 wonderful voices, give us the opportunity to discover Gaston Miron`s poetry. The exciting reverence, the unique image of the poet's pen, the supreme creation of the Quebec song - «12 hommes rapaillés» was an incredible success (25,000 albums sold), supported by the critics dithyrambs. Sure, here it is, a grand moment where Michel Rivard, Yann Perreau, Daniel Lavoie, Richard Séguin, Vincent Vallières and other artists share the stage in order to perpetuate a true tour de force!
September 3 - Moulin Marcoux.
September 4 - Salle Francoys-Bernier, Domaine Forget.
September 5 - Auberge Île-du-Repos.
September 11 - Moulin du Portage.

October 21 – radiobroadcasting on Fridays.
 Guests: Sonia Vachon, Luc Langevin et Daniel Lavoie
 With the collaboration of: Guy Bertrand
 Director: Sonia Vachon  Daniel Lavoie
He`ll come to present us his new album: «Lavoie et le Grand Choeur».
 Accompanied by 10 choristers:
 Celine Ratelle
 Elaine Pitcher
 Francois Lecavalier
 Helene Bertrand
 Jean-Francois Trudel
 Jocelyn Ermel
 Lorraine Cyr
 Manon Goulet
 Stephane Leroux
 Sylvain Maher
 Sylvie St-Onge

November 25 - Grand Théâtrede Québec - 12 hommes rapaillés.

 The performance will be presented in Grand Théâtrede Québec in November 25th. «For this end of the world meeting point, it is you, I want to sing along» – poem by Gaston Miron.