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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

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Song Festival in Saint-Ambroise

Daniel Lavoie partagera son expérience


31 mars 2012

Daniel Lavoie will share his experience

(Chicoutimi), Daniel Lavoie will share his experience and knowledge with dozens of young artists during Saint-Ambroise song festival next release.
Being the official representative, he hastens to meet these artists and share some musical tricks with them.
The author - composer - performer, being currently on tour in this region, where he presents three performances, Daniel has agreed to be the official representative with great pleasure.
"I hope to play the «stimulant addiction» role, encourage and share my experience. I will not give any advice, but I rather ask the young people what they want "- Daniel Lavoie explains. He has recently celebrated 40 years in the profession.
"I'm going to ask young people why they want to do this craft. If they tell me that it's just for  the glory or for being a celebrity, it's not the right reason. Such young people won`t get a chance to go far. The music is not just a world of lights, this is a real profession and you need to work really hard. The best example - is of course Celine Dion, who has done enormously hard work to become who she is today "- Daniel Lavoie explains.
The artist is currently touring all around Quebec. He had to think it over for a few days before  agreed to become the official representative of  Saint-Ambroise Song Festival.
"I accepted it more cautiously this summer, concerning all these performances. But eventually agreed because I love festivals and I'm in a hurry to meet the young people", - Daniel Lavoie said.
The festival General Director Katherine Boulet was delighted to discover that Daniel Lavoie would participate.
"We were actually very excited because he was one of the first ones we had chosen. Being author-composer-performer, he has so much to give and to teach the participants "- Madame Boulet told.

 In French

Born in Manitoba, Daniel Lavoie made a choice - to build a career in French rather than in his native language.
"I speak English also very good and write equally free in both languages. But it's my choice that I had made decades ago, "- he says. Daniel has written several anglophone albums during his career.
Even if he writes in French, Daniel Lavoie does not believe he defends the language of Moliere.
"We are needlessly clinging to any language, it is only a way of communication, and perhaps the french language will disappear one day," - Daniel Lavoie says.
This is in some way a big comeback for the artist, who has just celebrated his 63rd birthday.
"I have been playing in musicals for such a long time. During this tour I present the songs, which made me famous. The audience responds them very well "- he emphasizes.
He will continue his concert tour on Thursday in Dolbeau-Mistassini, on Friday at the Théâtre Palace Arvida, and on Saturday in Alma.
Patricia Rainville
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Patricia Rainville

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