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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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Strict teacher

Daniel's musical career is a long way, in that time he has accumulated vast experience and now generously share it with young composers and singers.


Professor of Music, a strict teacher. Sorbonne, Paris 2007

2010 Seminars in Petite-Vallée Des ateliers au Petite-Vallée.

Daniel conducts seminars in the Petite-Vallée for four years now.

September 15, Festival «Les rencontrent qui chantent» in Winnipeg

This are wonderful words about the mentor by former student of Daniel:

Oh, Daniel! My Daniel, whom I can never thank enough. Because Daniel always had his hand on my shoulder, he was my moral support, he was this wisdom, when Notre Dame started. This is the wisdom of equanimity. The calm of his family, which he greatly love, the calm of his music. He is a true musician. He is not a man of compromises in the music. This is the artist, who supported me from the beginning. Who let me to understand the profession. Daniel, a huge thank to you for giving me my first chance to get on television, because it is Daniel in fact, who invited me on stage for the first time. And I hope that we will sing «Danse du smatt» together again. This could be done now, but I don`t know whether you have the desire to sing a small piece of it with me.

Lavoie du rigoureux

Song Festival in Saint-Ambroise