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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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Docteur Tendresse/Doctor Tenderness

Text and translation of the song

Video: Daniel Lavoie - Docteur Tendresse

This album gave name to this site. We especially love it for its philosophy of life, and for tenderness, which we sometimes do not have enough ...
Interview in Belgium
- Why is your new CD is called «Doctor Tenderness»?
- «Doctor Tenderness» is my philosophy of life. It means empathy, respect for others, this is appeal to people like myself, who is looking for meaning in life and do not always find it. It's just a sweet soft look to it. This is not moralizing, no claim or demand, just a soft gentle message. The therapeutic effect of balms, included in this album repeatedly verified. They operate smoothly! Cheer up, inspire hope, and magically hel, if you feel unwell.

Recommendations for use and dosage kindly presented by Professor Lavoie.

I'll be on stage with my friend - the piano, and I believe that together we can make a bit of good for you. The goodness have been selected as some kind of alternative, preferred to evil, which, as you know, does not exist. In anticipation of this, here's a prescription, which, according to some friends, works excellently!!!

Requirement (purpose) of album, «Doctor Tenderness»

Method and means of application:

At the first application clear cellophane off the album. Homeopathic treatment is available in the legitimate downloadin of free samples.
Dosage: Play in the morning, afternoon and evening alone or with guests. Recommended for use in the clean environment with the preferred direction of light. It is also effective in soft light and even in the darkness ... During leisure, you can add a good wine, drinking it moderately, and a little bit of wit.


13 firming balms against  sadness with natural color and scent, no artificial flavors or preservatives. Cures all types of fatigue, heart pain, attacks of the blues, illnesses and even madness. It was conceived during 8 long months of work in Professor`s Lavoie  studio-laboratory, surrounded by the best specialists: Allain Leprest, Patrice Guirao, Brice Homs, Marie Nimier et Jean Rouaud. Resume treatment as soon as you feel the need in it. Available in pharmacies (Fnac, Virgin ...)

Freedom …………………. 0.352 mg
Sugar………………….. 0,101 mg
Water ………………….. 0,756 mg
Clarity of consciousness ………...0,594 mg
Traces of small amount of nonsense and wasted time can appear in reliable analysis, but in infinitesimal doses.

Like all medicines, «Doctor Tenderness» can have side effects: reactions of singing, the need for sun, sloth, communication, larger spaces, and affection, lots of affection ... Do not mix with the impact of cynicism or stupidity without consulting with a doctor. May have a detrimental effect for old fools, but it is even desirable.

Professor Lavoie tells in his interview «Les dernières 5 minutes» about the creation of this magic album.

Videо: Docteur Tendresse

Hostess: And now our guest of the last 5 minutes. And this guest is Daniel Lavoie. Hello! Daniel Lavoie: Hello!

Hostess: We are very happy to meet you in our studio. You came with a new album «Doctor Tenderness», which tells about you. And you are going to perform some songs from it at the end of the program. You wrote lyrics, music, made arrangements. Tell me how this happened. The first impression is, that this album came «from the Master».

Daniel Lavoie: It is always a bit «from the Master». You know, when you have been a songwriter and composer for 30 years… Whenever I start writing the new album, naturally I write about something very personal. Moreover, I constantly get the feeling that this is the last album and so I try to write the best album in my life and because, perhaps, this is my last album, I made it as best as possible.

Hostess: We hope, that it isn`t the last album.

Daniel Lavoie: Yes, I hope so.

Hostess: Tell us a bit about working process, since it is a little bit strange. You have not worked as other people do, but locked up at home.

Daniel Lavoie: Yes, I locked myself at home for writing the album, I was alone. I live in the countryside and worked in my studio alone. I have been working for months, but if it was necessary, I met with a young director. We worked in a small room, cause with the modern technologies it is possible to create wonders in one place.We have spent more than a year of careful preparation for what eventually became «Doctor Tenderness».

Hostess: But why «Doctor Tenderness»? What would you like to show us, writing this album?

Daniel Lavoie: I consider «Doctor Tenderness» to be a very serious album. And after the news on TV, I think it's becoming increasingly clear, that you should take it seriously. I think, that it is the choice of guardians of love, courtesy, because tenderness is presented here in a broad sense. Mainly, it is a look at others, which tries to be gentle and open.

Hostess: There is a quite ecological song called «Save».

Daniel Lavoie: You have to be a little bit defender of nature. I believe that between the naming yourself a defender and actions that are necessary to become it, my song, perhaps, is a little bit ironic, but also provocative. I can`t provoke people to go and say: «I am a conservationist! I gave a few bottles for recycling.» And I also can`t provoke them to act and become much better at assessing of what they agree with. I think it's going to happen.

Hostess: And about «Doctor Tenderness». You have survived the test of the disease. Thus, you wrote the album because of this or not?

Daniel Lavoie: Oh, no. I think I've always been «Dr. Tenderness» a bit, and a very good «Dr. tenderness». One day, my wife told me about it. She said she needs «Doctor Tenderness» and I found this name very beautiful, and then I wrote the song.I really liked the idea of ​​«Doctor Tenderness», the idea, that someone will come to save us when things are going really bad. I think, that when everything is very bad, tenderness appears, and it can save us.

Hostess: So now we`ll hear you performing. You`ll make us this wonderful gift. I would like you to sit at the microphone.

DanielLavoie (simultaneously): Mypleasure.

Hostess: And you are going to perform the title song from «Doctors Tenderness» on the piano.

Hostess (after the performance): Thank you!

Daniel Lavoie. This passage is always a present. Adding a little bit of tenderness to the world, «Doctor Tenderness» made a lot of good things ...

We can only repeat after the hostess:

Thank you, Daniel! «Doctor Tenderness» made a lot of good things!